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It all began one summer in Greece...

Vicky was working as a Tour Operator General Manager and Vasilis was the Co-Owner and Head Chef of a Greek restaurant. We kept getting compliments for the wonderful Greek cuisine and hospitality, but we also heard a lot of complaints that Greek food never tastes the same in the UK and Greek products sold in supermarkets lacked authenticity.


Greek cuisine is our passion so when the opportunity to move here to sunny Eastbourne presented itself we jumped at the chance and we decided to set things straight with our new business venture offering original Greek recipes and hospitality in a relaxed and fun environment.


Hope you enjoy our .gr/eat greek cuisine and what it has to offer as much as we have enjoyed creating it!


Me Agapi (with love)

Vicky & Vasilis


From the Press


“A lovely, airy Greek restaurant that serves salads and subs in the daytime, and after a few adjustments to lighting and table dressings becomes a softly lit romantic venue in the evening, when it serves more substantial traditional dishes with a modern twist. ”


Eastbourne Herald

“.gr/eat stands for great Greek food.”



ETC Eastbourne Magazine

“Whether you fancy trying something different or if you want to recreate a wonderful summer holiday in Greece then this is a fantastic place to visit.”



“We headed on down to gr/eat in the attempt to get some amazing food, as good as what we had on our last trip to Greece. Our absolute favourite dishes from that holiday were moussaka and souvlaki. And these are the two reasons we think you should take a trip to gr/eat”

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